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The practice aims to provide the highest standards of care. We are taking a number of steps to ensure that we are doing this.

Audit and Protocols

We look regularly at the care we provide for certain chronic health problems. Protocols set out the care we plan to provide. Audit examines the care we are actually providing to identify when our care does not meet the standards we have set and to improve by targeting those patients for whom care could be improved. With the advent of the new contract for general practice in 2004 many audits have been included as part of the contract targets.

Increasingly protocols and guidelines are set nationally by organisations like the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) and locally by primary care organisations like Newcastle Gateshead CCG. We follow these guidelines. Our practice pharmacist looks regularly at prescribing quality to ensure that it is cost effective and to respond to any national safety concerns. The CCG practice development programme includes work on ensuring appropriate referrals, avoiding unnecessary admissions to hospital and good quality chronic disease management.

Clinical Governance

Clinical governance covers a number of areas aiming to ensure the work of the practice is safe and of a good standard. This includes work on information governance - keeping your information secure and accurate. Further details are available on the NHS Digital information governance section. The practice complies with requirements and has completed information governance toolkit and training. Other areas of clinical governace include looking at significant events to learn from any problems that have arisen and reviewing any complaints that the practice receives, which we do each year.

The practice also has a system for monitoring Infection Control to ensure our systems remain safe. The practice's infection control policy is here and our annual statement on infection control is at this link.

Contract for General Practice

The new contract for general practice lays down detailed criteria against which practice performance can be judged together with standards to be met. Full contract details are given on the NHS England website. This covers the Quality and Outcomes Framework which lays down the criteria and standards to be met for good clinical care and details of extra Enhanced Services which the Surgery provides.

Care Quality Commission

The practice has registered with the Care Quality Commission who will be responsible for ensuring care standards from April 2013. Our certificate of registration gives the services for which we are registered and our Statement of Purpose document is here. The surgery underwent a successful CQC inspection in October 2015. The inspection report is at this link.

Quality Practice Award

The practice was awarded the Royal College of General Practitioners Quality Practice Award in 2001. It took about 18 months of work by all members of the practice team examining the quality of the work we do. The award covered 18 different areas of the practice activity involving clinical care, administration and the work of other staff attached to the practice. We decided not to renew our application for the award in 2006 because the amount of work involved in the process would detract from services offered and because most of the criteria for the award have been incorporated into the new contract.

Updated Jun 2019