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Practice services

In addition to standard practice services there are various special clinics and services


Tuesday mornings at the surgery. Appointment needed. There is an information sheet about antenatal care.

Asthma Clinic

This is run by the practice nurse, Sister Elaine Robinson. A doctor is also available for the clinic. Appointment needed.

Cervical Smears

We strongly advise regular smears (up to the age of 65). These can be done either with the practice nurse or at a normal appointment with the doctor.

Child Health

Tuesday afternoons from 1.00pm. A doctor, health visitor, and practice nurse are on hand for weight checks, immunisation, child development checks and feeding and other advice. From 29 November 2011, in order to reduce patient waiting times, you are requested to contact reception to make an appointment. See new baby information letter.


This is available for people over 65 years. Referral is required by the doctor, please ask at reception.


Run by the district nurses, for all those with continence problems. Appointment needed.


We offer a fully confidential service for all age groups. All types of contraception are available.


Counselling is provided Newcastle Talking Helps, a partnership of Insight Healthcare, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust. The service offers a range of talking therapies, advice, information and support. Talking therapies can help you to understand and work through your difficult feelings and develop strategies for coping better. The best therapy will depend on your particular situation. Although sessions are no longer at the surgery they see patients at Lemington and Throckley.  Referral is either through the surgery or direct self-referral by ringing 0300 555 1115 or email at


This is run by the practice nurse, Sister Alison Dodd. A doctor is also available for the clinic. Appointment needed.

Health Care for the Armed Forces

Hospital medical care for service personnel is provided by the NHS and we want to ensure that past and present members of services get the care that they deserve. If you have ever served in the forces please let the practice know and we will mark your records accordingly so that you can get appropriate treatment. If you have a health problem that might be related to your service please let the doctor or nurse know. There is further information available about this on the NHS website on this link .

Health Checks

The surgery no longer participates in the NHS health checks programme which is now managed by the Public Health Department of Newcastle Council. Patients over 75 are entitled to a health check in the surgery on reasonable request. Patients who are housebound and request a check will be visited at home.

Ill Children

We understand parents' concerns when children are ill, especially if this is sudden. We will offer an ill child a same-day appointment. This is likely to be quicker than waiting at A&E.

Our CCG has, however, produced the Little Orange Book giving excellent advice on helping babies and young children when they are poorly. We recommend it to all parents

Minor Operations

Minor surgery, such as the removal of moles can be performed at the surgery if appropriate. Drs Scott, Hargreaves and Gupta perform minor surgery. See the doctor to make the arrangements.

Non-NHS Examinations

You can arrange HGV, taxi driver and insurance medicals with the receptionists. They will tell you the fee involved. Our current charges are detailed here.


Physiotherapy can be arranged through the doctor. Patients who would benefit from physiotherapy are given a number to ring to arrange treatment.

Smoking Cessation

Stopping smoking is the single most important thing that you can do to improve your health. Any of the doctors or nurses can give you advice about the benefits of stopping and how you can improve your chances of giving up. Irene, one of our healthcare assistants, has had special training in helping people to kick the habit and we also have a specialist smoking cessation advisor. Ask at reception for an appointment.


You can arrange to have any vaccination required, including vaccination for travel abroad (usually there is no charge for this service). Travel vaccination and health advice is available from the nurses or doctors and also at the Scottish NHS fit for travel site.

Warfarin Clinic

Alternate Monday afternoons. Staff from the hospital laboratory come to the practice to check patients on warfarin. Appointments arranged by the hospital.

Young People

We take the health concerns of young people seriously, and understand that you may want to see the doctor on your own even if you are under 16. Please ring or call at reception to book an appointment - you don't have to tell the receptionist what it is about. Consultations are fully confidential (unless the doctor thinks you or someone else is in danger). Remember you can also ask your School Nurse about any health queries; she too provides a confidential service.


The receptionists are there to help you. If you are unsure of anything please ask them - they are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the doctors. If you need to discuss anything which is of a confidential nature, please tell the receptionist and she will make arrangements to see you privately.

We would value your comments on the medical care we provide for you. You can leave suggestions in the box provided at reception or contact the practice manager or use the surgery e-mail address.

If you are not happy with the service please tell us. Our practice manager will listen to any comments you may have. The practice adheres to the NHS complaints procedure. Further information about complaints is on our complaints page.

The practice operates a zero tolerance policy to violence. Any patient who is violent or threatening to doctors, staff or other patients will be removed from the practice list.

Updated June 2018