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Practice information

Surgery Area

We cover Newburn, Throckley, Walbottle, North Walbottle, West Denton, Chapel House, Chapel Park and Lemington. There is a page for information about registering at the surgery.

Surgery Times

Our doors are open between 8.30am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday. We also offer late appointments and are open between 6.30pm and 7.00pm on Mondays and between 9.00am and 12am on some Saturdays. We normally close between 1300 and 1400 on the last Thursday of the month for internal staff training/briefing, although a Duty Doctor remains available across this period. We also close 3-4 times a year for staff training events and medical services are usually provided by the emergency doctor service via 111. There is a Duty Doctor available on Wednesday afternoons supplemented by a GP Registrar and Foundation year doctor.

Consulting Times

Monday   8.30-11.50     1.00-5.40              6:30-6:50
Tuesday   8.30-11.50     2.30-5.40 
Wednesday   8.30-11.50     3.00-5.00  
Thursday   8.30-11.50     3.00-5.40
Friday   8.30-11.50     2.30-5.40
Saturdays   9:00-12:00     One per month with 2-3 GPs

Bus Routes

Convenient frequent services include Stagecoach route 22 which runs every 10 minutes during the day from the Cobalt business park to Throckley and route 71 every 15 minutes from Grainger Street via Chapel House, Walbottle and Newburn to Throckley.


Wheelchair users are able to access the building and some of the consulting rooms. The practice has a portable loop system available for those hard of hearing. The practice information leaflet is available on audio cassette and in an alternative easy to read format. Please ask the receptionist, nurse or doctor for more information.


In order to give everyone enough time with the doctor, we only see people by appointment. If you feel you cannot wait, the appointment will be the same day. If you cannot keep your appointment please remember to CANCEL IT - someone else will be able to have it. Did you know that most months about 93% of all of our appointments are attended as planned. 7% of appointments are normally "Did Not Attends" and waste almost a week of clinical time which could be allocated to other patients. Help us to drive this figure down. We are conscious that it is sometimes difficult to get through to the surgery first thing in the morning. Our patient group asked us to prepare this briefing note to your attention in the hope that it will save you time and frustration.

Telephone Appointments

You can book a telephone appointment with a doctor which often saves time and effort for both you and the doctor. Just ask the receptionist.

Online Access to Surgery Services

You can register to access surgery services online. Further information here.

Summary Care Record

The practice is live on the NHS Summary Care Record service. Details of your medication and allergies will be available so that other health care staff can access them, with your permission, if you require emergency treatment elsewhere. We believe this is in your best interest but you have the right to opt out of this if you do not want your information to be made available. We already have a list of some patients who have told us this but you are always able to change your mind. Just tell us. Further information is available. If you do want to opt out, use this form

Home Visits

These are only for people who are not well enough to come to the surgery. Please telephone the surgery before 10.45am. The receptionist will ask why you want a visit - this is to help the doctor assess the urgency of the visit and to plan their routes. The doctor may telephone you for further information. If it is an emergency please state this clearly.

Named Accountable GP and Continuity of Care

The Department of Health require us to allocate all patients to a Named GP who is responsible for oversight of a patient's care. You can ask for the name of this GP and if you are unhappy with this allocation we will do our best to accommodate your wishes. This in no way changes your right to see any doctor you wish and you should book appointments with the doctor of your choice. Note, however, that none of our doctors work full time in the surgery and most have other medical interests which benefit the practice or wider community. This, and demand from other patients, are two of the reasons you may not be able to see a particular doctor in the timeframe you wish but we will try to book you with the doctor of your choice. However, to improve continuity of care for patients with long term conditions we recommend that you alternate with 2 doctors wherever possible.


Our receptionists are trained to deal with most queries and will pass on messages to the doctors. If you need to speak to your doctor personally please ask the receptionist who will arrange a time for you.

Text Messaging

Patients tell us that text reminders are very helpful and they also help us to reduce wasted appointments. We will also periodically use text messaging to pass specific information to you. If you give us your mobile phone number we will assume you are content to receive text messages. However, you have the right to opt out of receiving texts and all you need to do is tell reception staff you do not wish to receive them. Please remember to tell us if you change your mobile phone number.

Fees and Charges

We do not do private medical work. There are, however, are number of administrative services our patients require, such as medical examinations or certificates which are not funded by the NHS. We try to keep these fees low and commensurate with the amount of work they involve. A copy of our fees is here.


We support a number of research projects undertaken by local hospitals and Newcastle University Medical School. Only anonymous information about individuals or groups of patients is provided by the practice as part of this.

Friends and Family Test

The Friends and Family Test has been used in hospitals for some time and from 1 December 2014 the NHS is mandating its use in GP surgeries. This very simple form of patient survey is about giving patients the opportunity to provide quick feedback on their care and treatment experience. You can tell us what has gone well and whether you feel there is anything we can improve. Other people will be able to see what our patients think of us and your views can be taken into account when we assess the services we provide. It does not take long and you do not need to give your details on the feedback form. The forms are deliberately simple; the NHS requires us to ask the first question in the format they require. We are not allowed to change this but we have added a box to give you the opportunity to explain your answer if you wish. The results of this simple "Friends and Family" question is published here. Periodically we, or our the surgery's patient group, may add a question of particular interest. The feedback forms are available in the surgery - simply pop them in the box in reception. We are just as happy to receive them electronically and you can find the form at this link. You can send it to us at

Complaints (and Praise)

We try to provide the best service we can but recognise that nothing goes right all of the time. If you are not happy with our service please tell us. The practice manager is our complaints officer and will happily discuss any issues with you. We adhere to the NHS complaints procedure and a leaflet about the Practice complaints procedure is available at the reception or at this link. We are equally happy to receive praise and pass it on to our staff. You can use the Friends and Families box in reception for this.

GP Average Earnings

All GP practices are required to declare the mean earnings (eg average pay) for GPs working to deliver NHS services to patients at each practice. The average pay for GPs working in Newburn Surgery in financial year 2014/15 (ending 31 Mar 15) was 58,759 before tax and national insurance.This was for 5 part-time GPs who worked in the practice for more than six months,

Nights and Weekends (NHS 111)

If you need to contact a doctor out of the usual surgery hours please ring 111. This service was introduced on 2 April 2013 and is known as NHS 111. The telephone operator will ask you some simple questions to determine the type of service you require and will either advise you on what to do or arrange for you to be seen or visited by a doctor. Note that this service is provided separately by the North East Primary Care Support Agency and not by the surgery. More details of this service are in the attached Frequently Asked Questions list or you can visit the NHS 111 website

Repeat Prescriptions

These are issued if previously agreed with the doctor. There are two kinds:-

  1. Regular medication can be issued every four weeks through your local chemist under the repeat dispensing scheme. You don't need to order these.
  2. Medication needed occasionally will be issued on request and will be ready within 48 hours.

Repeat prescriptions may be ordered by phone, in person or online if you have registered for the SystmOnline service. We are able to send most prescriptions electronically to a pharmacy of your choice.

Hospital Tests

These include blood and urine. Any samples requested by the doctor or nurse for hospital tests must be labelled with your name and left at the surgery reception desk before 2.15pm. The receptionist will tell you when the result will be back and you should then either telephone or call at the surgery to find out whether further treatment or an appointment is needed.

Changing your Address or Phone Number

Please let us know whenever you change your address, home phone number or mobile number.

Updated Jun 2018